Risk Management

The best investment to protect your cargo, truck and most importantly: the driver!

Directly influence the prevention and mitigation of cargo theft by managing each aspect of your operation in detail. 

At AngelLira, all travel information is captured by tracking equipment and automatically sent to the LiraLOG fleet management and monitoring system. With information at all times, the system automatically identifies the route inconsistencies and initiates alternative operational procedures. The system is configured to meet all client's operational needs.

AngelLira 24H Monitoring

  • Loss of signal
  • Route control
  • Panel violation control
  • Jammer alert
  • High risk area entry control
  • Monthly performance and nonconformity indicators
  • Panic button
  • Disengagement sensor control
  • Trunk door/cabin opening control
  • Restart, stop and overnight controls
  • Speed control

* All monitoring is performed based on the RMP - Risk Management Plan, created by AngelLira, in partnership with the client and insurer.

Eduardo Domingues

Risk Manager and Loss Prevention

You can prevent Cargo Theft and Deviation!

It's reality: if your company carries food, electronics, cigarettes or fuel, you should be alert and concerned. It is very probable that your fleet will be targeted by robbers, especially if the cargo is passing by through a high risk. With 16 years of experience in risk management, it is true to say that cargo theft in this state has reached the level of chaos.

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  • Vehicle Checklist

    Tracking equipment sensor testing to ensure full function during route monitoring.

  • In-house Intelligence Team

    Specialized GPS security configuration team.

  • Operational Support Team

    Specialized team in prevention and claims deals and conducts the activation and follow-up of prompt response action and escorts

  • Signal Transfer Team

    The cargo theft prevention team activates and monitors the prompt response actions and escorts


It allows the client  to create authorized and unauthorized stops / routes and monitor them.  Define the controls, either by Polygon or Radius and the system will  identify nonconformities and initiate proper procedures. 


The complexity of cargo monitoring demands a more and more proactive, fast pace and deep understanding of the situations recorded in the route.

This technology developed by AngelLira identifies nonconformities in the route - panel alert, signal loss, trip alert, etc. - and sends automatic commands according to Risk Management Plan rules, increasing the efficiency of safety/ procedures.

Another benefit is the EntGR license, this allows the transporter and shipper to conduct their own monitoring. Enabling  the convenience of having the entire operation under the care of the company itself, viewing all vehicles in real time.


  • Cargo and truck recovered. 

  • Cargo recovered in a commercial facility

  • Cargo recoved. 

  • Full recovery of cargo, after the AngelLira's operational support intelligence actions

  • Cargo: Steel coils
    Theft: February 2017
    AngelLira ‘s Team detected the loss of signal, but the secondary device continued to track position. The Prompt Response Team was activated and, with the support of the Police, truck and cargo were 100% recovered.

  • Cargo: Fuel
    Theft: February 2017
    The driver had a non-scheduled route stop. The truck sent a panel violation alert and lost signal. Prompt response and police were immediately activated. The secondary GPS tracking equipment provided the position making it possible to recover The vehicle and 100% of The cargo.


Dedicated AngelLira Operator in Your Company

Your fleet can be monitored, in real time, by an AngelLira professional, working within your company. We have professionals who will exclusively attend your operation.

Dedicated AngelLira Team

AngelLira can implement a dedicated team of diversified professionals within your company, to monitor your operations 24H a day. The main benefit of having a in-house real-time fleet monitoring is to enable your to make decisions during the loading, transport and delivery of the cargo.


  • Lives and assets preserved
  • Integrity of the merchandise and prevention of damage in vehicles
  • Interactivity and communication between driver and 24H operational center
  • Credibility in the market with deliveries at the estimated time and place

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