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Dispatcher model

  • Dispatcher Outsourced

    AngelLira's professional know-how, working in your company, without an office, concentrating all the procedures and tasks of transportation: documents, routes, freight and negotiations, support, training and accompaniment of the drivers.

    Our OutSourced Dispatcher Team has high communication skills and transportation knowledge, making sure that all the details are perfect and the best strategy will be planned for your cargo. They also will take care of idle time, keeping your vehicles moving respecting the transit time, increasing productivity and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

    The AngelLira OutSourced Dispatcher is the master of the entire fleet, which will utilize AngelLira's range of integrated web and mobile tools and systems providing 24/7 assistance, including the production of management reports and indicators for viewing results and making decisions.

Our services and solutions for you!

LiraLOG AngelLira
Our LiraLOG software integrates the various tracking platforms in a single environment for logistical controls, risk management, driver's day, complementary mobile products and a system of business indicators (BI), with the ability of crossing several databases for management information.
  • Co-Pilot
    Application for the use of the driver, with all the travel information in a logbook.
  • smartFOX
    Application and hardware to follow the routine of the driver, with the ability of positioning and operational interactivity of the journey and logistics between the dispatcher and the driver.
    Freight Central, for inclusion of third parties and travel allocation for drivers and transporters, with interactivity between driver and dispatcher, in the logistic and driver's daily operations.

Dispatcher that solves!

The Logistics you need:
  • Negotiation of freights, rates and prices with agents
  • Order Management
  • Management of Routes
  • Speed ​​control
  • Reduction of unproductive times
  • Transit time monitoring
  • Productivity per plate
  • Load temperature control
  • Organization of driver's work: collection and delivery
  • Control of return of orders and deliveries
  • Forecasting
  • Monitoring of vehicles in maintenance
  • Control of miles Expected X Accomplished
  • Rescheduling contro
  • Contact with customers, constantly evaluating the level of satisfaction and continuous improvement of service and deliveries
  • Immediate search of loads for empty vehicles
  • Management of third-party vehicles
  • Document management: delivery documents, insurance, transport documents, special procedures documents and control and storage of documents
  • Third Party Contracts
  • Weather Alert: monitoring the weather forecast to avoid transportation problems - snow, floods, etc
  • Driver Training
Driver's Journey
  • Control of violations
  • Control overtime and working time
  • Availability of equipment and devices for travel
Risk management
  • Own fleet management
  • Third Party Fleet Management
  • Aid drivers on the truck equipment checklist
  • Route deviation control
  • Control protocol for hazardous area and cargo theft
  • Speed ​​control to prevent traffic accidents - Control of stops at safe points - Contact and activation with security authorities

Dispatcher that solves!

  • Freight Contracting Management
  • Fulfillment of delivery deadlines
  • Quality of products delivered
  • Satisfaction in receiving loads
  • Delivery Management
  • Temperature Management
  • Transit Time Monitoring
  • Returns Management
  • Monitoring of Own and Third Vehicles
  • Contact and driver assistance
  • Administration of delivery documents and contracts
Presentation of indicators for productivity comparisons, cost reduction and decision making based on real numbers.