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The AngelLira WIS is a web platform with indicators of all customer operations within AngelLira: Risk Management, Logistics, Driver Journey Control, LiraWay and AngelLira FOX. WIS can be accessed from anywhere, by any mobile device, the moment you need to analyze your indicators at the management level.

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Intelligence and security of your operations the moment you need it, in the palm of your hand!

The indicators ensure assertive planning, alert new trends and point out immediate decision- making opportunities to ensure the efficiency of its operation.


Risk management

  • Indicators of non-conformities
  • Alerts
  • Numbers of entries in risk area
  • Third-party and personal fleet schedules per period
  • Ranking of incidents in vehicles and periods and much more ...


  • Position of vehicles traveling on the map


  • Travel with temperature / efficiency / per vehicle
  • Ranking of temperature by transporter / shipper - Quantity of deliveries per period and per customer
  • Quantity of deliveries by procedure and period
  • Amount of deliveries on time and delayed by period
  • Service level by period
  • Number of vehicles
  • Travel, Deliveries and Delays open
  • Percentage of vehicles running and stopped
  • Fleet availability
  • Length of stay
  • Fleet productivity


  • Total amount of overtime per period
  • Ranking of overtime per driver per period
  • Type of non-conformities by period
  • Total amount of excess management by period
  • Ranking of excess driving by driver
  • Ranking drivers with the highest number of non-conformities per period


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Visualization of the indicators the moment you need them
Reports ready in your hands
Real-time operation monitoring
Problems and high-performance viewing

Visualization on panels

You and your team can visualize all the operational information in dashboards, to make decisions the moment you need them.