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An easy and practical mobile application for transportation management.

The mobile application transforms a smartphone into a fleet tracker, providing all logistical controls for your own fleet or a third-party owned fleet. Interactive driver communication from the start to the end of the driver’s journey, LiraWay offers a Freight Center for a new and better business.

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Improve business with our Freight Central

  • With LiraWay, you can find vehicles available for freight in the Angelira's LiraLOG system.
  • Practical and fast, making it possible to send freight invitations, generating and increasing the number of new partnerships available in the system.

Protection for your driver, your cargo and your fleet!

Risk Monitoring

24H Monitoring

  • System developed using the best monitoring techniques
  • Overnight and stops control
  • Trunk door and cabin opening controls
  • High risk area entry control
  • Panel violation control
  • Prompt response activation
  • Monthly Performance Indicators
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Angellira Solutions

The AngelLira products and services integrate in one unique software, the LiraLOG. Here all logistical operations and freight transport security can be customized to meet the specific industry needs.